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Announcement Admission


June 8, 2020

CITAB is the result of two hard working final year students of Industrial Design at Unitedworld Institute of Design. They have used the basic principles of mathematics and science to design a product that would bring in sunlight into the apartment – a very revolutionary idea that has potential to transform the lighting industry.

The benefits of good air-circulation and sunlight is well known through generations. It is important to understand how a good indoor climate can contribute to healthy buildings that improve well-being and productivity. We spend 90% of our time indoors, and 2/3 of that time is spent in homes. Fresh air, comfortable temperatures and acceptable acoustics are inseparably linked to a good indoor climate. Thus, understanding how the indoor climate impacts human health and well-being is vital for the design of new buildings as well as choosing the right measures when existing buildings are renovated. But unfortunately, due to growing population, the architecture of the building is compromised and people have very less direct sunlight and inhales polluted air in their homes during the day.

India is transforming into one of the most important nation and will be home to one of the largest historical influxes of people over the next few decades. It is estimated that two-thirds of the buildings that will exist in 2030 have not been built yet. Managing these transitions is a challenge, complicated by the need to address their immense energy implications and its effects on human health.
Thus, CITAB aims at creating products which can bring these natural elements inside homes in more efficient ways.

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