A team of four product designers are working towards making a healthy living and work spaces. With use of nano-technology, they have devised an air filtration system that cleanse the indoor environment of any pollution or dirt thereby making it healthy.

Urban life provides a lot of comforts but it also demands a lot of speed:  in hindsight, we drain ourselves. More than an average percentage of society today faces numerous and severe medical disorders in the hope of keeping up. Considering all the pollution we are subjected to, we have become an indoor generation. Indoor environments are rather unique spaces in which heterogeneous circumstances co-exist. Although staying indoors seems like the healthiest and safest way of living.; It has resulted in indoor air pollution. Also, in these spaces people at times subjected to prolix cognitive stresses. Coping mechanisms to face the stress in these circumstances to face the stress reduces. This colossal tedium on one’s mind leads to a turmoil of paramount emotions. This in turn, affects the mental health of a person. The team at 4 Clover are working on natural solutions to create indoor and semi indoor environments healthy.

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