Miles energies is a venture of four very passionate product designers from United World Institute of Design. Been together in all academic and non-academic projects since the last four years, the team has experimented with four different start-up ideas in the past. Working together in tandem and building on new and improved ideas has always excited the team which has never compromised on originality and they firmly stick to the same notion.

Their present idea is to revolutionize electric mobility with focus on creating the ecosystem. In their own words- “At miles energies main goal to revolutionise the way people commute and transport from one place to another”. Providing electric mobility solutions and systems for the modern India is their main focus. All the 4 members of the team are determined to provide unseen, better and top-notch answers to the existing commuter problems. A greener, cleaner and healthier India is what the team visualise at miles energies. “We envision a brighter and beautiful future of India and we proudly see ourselves being a part of the same”.

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