The start-up cofounded by four talented product designers of United World Institute of Design is focussed on creating a smart farming solution for urban communities. Their solution has a potential of providing healthy and affordable food to communities by utilising community infrastructure and thereby help in building a sustainable community. This solution has evolved naturally out of their earlier product – an IoT soil moisture sensor-based home gardening solution.

Their first project was a home gardening solution that was developed for families to take care of their gardens in Gujarat. Backed by research, they realised that gardening goes beyond being just a hobby for families. It is a source of pride for them. This makes it a very valuable asset for the family to take care of. However, the harsh weather conditions of Gujarat make it very hard to take care of these plants. So as an intervention, they designed an IoT based soil moisture sensor that connects to the smartphone and assists in taking care of the plants in the garden.

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