Why India

India is Diverse, Vibrant and Beautiful!

Home to the 3rd largest education system and some of the most reputed world-class educational institutions, India offers a truly unforgettable experience.  The quality of education provided in the Indian universities matches, in some cases, surpasses the western standards. India is today recognized as a world centre for education and research. Here are some key reasons which make India an Ideal Higher Education Destination for International Students:

  • World Class Education
  • English as medium of Instruction  
  • Affordable Fee
  • Student Friendly Environment
  • State of the art Infrastructure
  • Wide range of courses
  • International Exposure
  • World Hub for Business, Research and Scientific Analysis


Gujarat is one of the topmost GDP contributing states in India. Being one of the topmost industrially developed states, Gujarat has made huge strides in boosting investment, the value of production and the value addition in the industrial sector of India. The Government of Gujarat is supporting the initiative to make it an Education Hub for both domestic and international students.

Experience the Twin City of Ahmedabad – India’s First Heritage City

  • A safe and friendly environment
  • Discover amazing food
  • Vibrant and entrepreneurial city
  • Dive in to the Indian history  
  • Shop, explore & dine 
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