KU Immersion Program in Indonesia, 2022

Kediri University, Indonesia conducted an Immersion Program 2022 for the attendees of Karnavati University, India from June 12 to 16, 2022.
This five-day programme comprised various academic and non-academic sessions aiming to disseminate knowledge, initiate socio-cultural dialogues and assure world-class education to the participants.

The sessions of the Immersion Program, along with academic sessions, featured a Dental check-up camp, Industry Visits, Group Project preparation, Moot Court demo activities, cultural programmes, nature study camps, trekking expeditions at nearby spots, city tours, Music class, and Cooking activities to make up a perfect combination for the participants belonging to distinct fields such as Business, Law and Dentistry.

The entire programme enlightened all participants with great knowledge and understanding of Indonesian socio-legal-business and dentistry-related culture. This program has truly benefitted all of its attendees with out-of-class experience at Kediri, Indonesia.

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