Webinar on Future of Broadcast Reporting in Digital Age

A Special Guest Lecture on ‘Future of Broadcast reporting in the Digital Age’ was organized on 5th of April 2022 at USLM. Esteemed Speaker of the event Mr. Syed Suhail Nadeem began by speaking about his experiences in the broadcast media and shed lights on how digital media is shaking the pillars of the media Mughals.
He explained how the current broadcasters are facing the heat while he also stressed on why TV will continue to thrive despite these challenges. In his words the role of TV will be of News Verifiers and not just of reporters. Mr. Suhail explained how the social media is changing the content of the traditional TV. He also pointed out that the primary Role of TV as a filter of information and digital media’s inability to do this particular task, will let TV stay here for long.


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