Design Factory Global Network Partner Visit

Giving further impetus to our President’s expanding vision of initiating change in the world of Higher Education by infusing elements of innovation & breaking away from stereotypical solutions, the International Relations office organized a one-of-a-kind, psychoactive and consciousness-expanding 4-Day Workshop (November-end ’23) for UID faculty members with Design Factory Global Network, Finland’s 3-member Global team: Mr. Gárate Felipe (Chile), Ms. Santos Figueiredo Sara (Portugal) & Mr. Uragan Semkan (Bulgaria).

DFGN is a network of innovation hubs in universities and research organizations across the globe. They are on a mission to create change in the world of learning and research through a Passion-Based Culture and Effective Problem-Solving through Shared Understanding and Common Ways of Working. Their objective is to collaborate efficiently across cultures, time zones, and organizational boundaries to foster radical innovations.

Eminent School Heads of KU (UID, UWSB, UWSL, USLM, USCI, KSD, & KSR) brainstormed with the DFGN team to discuss the possibility of Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches for Higher Education. In addition to the academic immersion and exchange program, the esteemed foreign team was enamored by the campus tour, visit, and exploration. From the labs of innovation and product creation, to the Crafts Village, the guests were completely engaged and intrigued by the creativity of our students, faculty, and artisans alike.

A stimulating, constructive, and challenging Masterclass for students by the Mentors of DFGN left everybody enthralled.


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