Three day workshop at Nagar Village, Kulu, Himachal Pradesh

Students of UID, School of Interior Design Studio, semester 3 is currently doing an intense immersive and experiential three-day workshop at Nagar Village, Kulu, Himachal Pradesh. It is a part of their interior and furniture design studio. The trip is facilitated by Associate Pof. Kishori Dalwadi and Assistant Professor Kaustav Kalyan Deb Burman. The Workshop is conducted in collaboration with Rahul Bhushan and Ritika Bhushan, Founders of ‘NORTH’, a Design Innovation Center dedicated in preservation of in Kath-Khuni Architecture, Interior, crafts and community driven programs and research.  

Day 01:  Students were introduced to the vernacular interior architecture, eco-conscious lifestyle, craft and culture, followed by dialogues and discussions.



Day 02:  Students visited the ‘Sharan village’ of Nagar, which has been declared the ‘Craft and Handloom village of Manali’ by the Government. They studied the settlement pattern, measure drawing of built forms and Objects of craft and daily use in search of their meaning and association with the people and socio-cultural narratives.


Day 03:  Students presented their reflection and study of the Village, along with discussions and feedback from the mentors. Finally, the students worked closely with the local master wood craftsmen and made samples of wood carving.

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