Panel Discussion on Inclusivity of the ‘Liberal’ in Education Today

A panel discussion session on the Inclusivity of the ‘Liberal’ dimension in today’s Education was held on July 20, 2022, by the Unitedworld School of Liberal Arts and Mass Communication.

Karnavati University (KU), Vice Chancellor, Dr A K S Suryavanshi talked about evolution and thoughts of knowledge potion to be more plural as opposed to singular dimension-based course curriculum, prominence to the class environment and focused on class composition to be more diverse and culturally rich. His foremost focus was on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

Panel expert Dr G. Raghuram pointed out on discovering with the students to initiate programs that need to be liberal, inclusive and add to student diversity needs. Emphasised the mixture of vertical and horizontal levels of education with the need to incorporate skill and value within students. Dr Rohit Singh expressed the importance of curriculum design to bring inclusiveness and academicians should focus on the NEP 2020 Policy to design syllabi. Ms Aditi Thakor reflected on the awareness of education in society among deprived children through a short video. The recommendations developed during the sessions were more focused on the National Education Policy and multidisciplinary approach to curriculum design.

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