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KU ‘inTECHgrated’ Learning

Wacom Lab

The state-of-the-art Wacom Lab at UID is equipped with latest Cintiq Pro systems that give the budding designers the ability to let their imagination go wild and express their creative ideas through sketches.

Experts around the creative world in the Product Design, Automobile & Transportation Design, Animation, Visual Communication and Fashion industry use hi-precision graphics tablets to drive their creativity with new designs, characters and images. Graphics tablets are one of the key tools for today’s visual creatives. The Wacom Studio is a specialised high-capacity studio, with Wacom Intouse & Cintiq graphics tablets available for creative drawing input directly to the computers. These can be used for digital illustration, product sketches, image editing, animation, digital sculpting and page layout design.

3D Lab

3D Lab (so called Rapid Prototyping laboratory) are generally used to obtain near net-shape of complex designs. This rapid prototyping/ manufacturing provides an opportunity for UID students to understand the Pro’s and Con’s of their design at early stages. In other words, filling gaps between the CAD/digital environment and real world, the lab has enabled the students to effectively translate ideas from CAD data to lifesize prototypes for testing and evaluation. 

The 3D Lab at UID provides access to high-end technologies and professional expertise in computer aided 3D scanning, visualisation, modeling, prototyping applied in nearly any discipline for class-room activities. The Lab also provides design & testing facility, training and workshops, project consultations, and a collaborative workspace to students & industry. The 3D Lab has high-definition 3D digital scanners, desk-top and professional grade printers, the lab provides capabilities for precision rapid prototyping, tooling and manufacturing of highly-detailed and durable 3D objects and parts.

Adobe Lab

The Adobe Creative Cloud Lab available at UID is fully equipped with both Windows and Macintosh machines and is used in an instructional or technology lab accessed by all students. The Lab provides applications and services for design of products, automotive & transportation, UI-UX, interior & space, fashion and lifestyle accessories by facilitating video, design, photography and web creations.

This laboratory helps the design students to express their ideas/creatives through digital images/pictures in the Adobe packages. Further, this laboratory supports the design students to make an impressive portfolio for the future carrier.

Adobe Creative Cloud benefits the students to boost classroom engagement & creative processes, It builds essential soft skills with hands-on access to content-creation tools that develop creativity, critical thinking, and creative problem solving. Adobe Creative Cloud features the following desktop software:

  1. Adobe Acrobat DC
  2. Adobe Aero
  3. Adobe After Effects
  4. Adobe Animate
  5. Adobe Audition
  6. Adobe Bridge
  7. Adobe Character Animator
  8. Adobe Dimension
  9. Adobe Dreamweaver
  10. Adobe InCopy
  11. Adobe InDesign
  12. Adobe Illustrator
  13. Adobe Lightroom
  14. Adobe Lightroom Classic
  15. Adobe Media Encoder
  16. Adobe Photoshop
  17. Adobe Prelude
  18. Adobe Premiere Pro
  19. Adobe Premiere Rush
  20. AdobeUXP Developer Tools
  21. Adobe XD CC

AR & VR Lab

The AR & VR Lab at UID aims to propel the advancement in the field of Virtual & Augmented Reality by designing & validating new technologies & its applications, assisting on-campus research projects and collaborating with industry.

The lab works in the area of Human-Computer Interaction, assistive and adaptive technology, and design evaluation & validations. This lab mainly focuses on different type design domains such as Product Design, Automobile & Transportation Design, Animation, Visual Communication, Fashion Design and Interior & Space Design.

The advanced Lab facilitates innovation for academic & industry needs for state-of-the-art production of ideas in an immersive environment. The team of experts/mentors assists students in their research & design AR & VR class-room & industry supported live projects

AI & Robotics Lab

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotics Lab at UID focuses on the core concept of empowering the artificially intelligent units and robots to efficiently work with humans setting new technology benchmarks through human-machine teaming. The team at the AI & Robotics Lab study human motions and develops models to engineer robots to perform, perform human motions, improve output & interact with humans in regulated & unregulated environments.

In the design domain, the concept of AI & Robotics are often used to understand the relationship between human-machine technology. The general applications of AI & Robotic include planning & execution of AI enabled computational modelling, testing and validation of human behaviour. This Lab supports understanding the following specific-matters of design domain: cyber-human, human-agent, and socio-technical systems impact human cognitive and social capabilities, trade off factors in human-automation interaction, trust in automation and decision-making performance.

The Lab is well equipped to perform design research via a virtual environment for understanding of design process automation and organization, which could improve quality and productivity in Industry and socio-business environments, holistically.

Machine Learning

The Machine learning (ML) Lab at UID aims to achieve and optimize machine intelligence and its mechanics to answer the industry’s need of the world today. By translating data into mathematical models, ML aims to deduce complex processes, replicate human capabilities and achieve automation boosting high value processes.

Involvement of ML in the field of design, is the future of innovation. The potential of ML helps to opt for the design process which involves like an empathy, ideate, define, test, prototype model. Especially, application of ML in the domain of design, is the need of the hour. Thus, UID provides a full-time course with a well equipped lab (so called ML Lab) to the students who are the future inventors.

The dedicated team of faculties & experts focuses on efforts to lead the scientific temperament at UID, mentors students to develop foresight & improve our perception of scientific intelligence, innovate and change the world for better.