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AI & Robotics Lab

AI & Robotics Lab

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotics Lab at UID focuses on the core concept of empowering the artificially intelligent units and robots to efficiently work with humans setting new technology benchmarks through human-machine teaming. The team at the AI & Robotics Lab study human motions and develops models to engineer robots to perform, perform human motions, improve output & interact with humans in regulated & unregulated environments.

In the design domain, the concept of AI & Robotics are often used to understand the relationship between human-machine technology. The general applications of AI & Robotic  include planning & execution of AI enabled computational modelling, testing and validation of human behaviour. This Lab supports understanding the following specific-matters of design domain: cyber-human, human-agent, and socio-technical systems impact human cognitive and social capabilities, trade off factors in human-automation interaction, trust in automation and decision-making performance.

The Lab is well equipped to perform design research via a virtual environment for understanding of design process automation and organization, which could improve quality and productivity in Industry and socio-business environments, holistically.

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