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Machine Learning

Machine Learning

The Machine learning (ML) Lab at UID aims to achieve and optimize machine intelligence and its mechanics to answer the industry’s need of the world today. By translating data into mathematical models, ML aims to deduce complex processes, replicate human capabilities and achieve automation boosting high value processes.

Involvement of ML in the field of design, is the future of innovation. The potential of ML helps to opt for the design process which involves like an empathy, ideate, define, test, prototype model. Especially, application of ML in the domain of design, is the need of the hour. Thus, UID provides a full-time course with a well equipped lab (so called ML Lab) to the students who are the future inventors.

The dedicated team of faculties & experts focuses on efforts to lead the scientific temperament at UID, mentors students to develop foresight & improve our perception of scientific intelligence, innovate and change the world for better.

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