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M.Design Fashion Design – Course Description

Semester – 1

KU Core Courses

KU core courses are curated to ensure a common post graduate profile across all schools of the university. These courses have been selected to give our students essential skills for their professional growth.

Communicative Skills

This course is an introduction to technical communication and the various forms of technical written communication; presentation skills, listening, and interview skills. It also emphasizes listening skills, articulation, and presentation of ideas.

Leadership Development

This course aims to learn and adopt cross-functional leadership roles and responsibilities. It also provides strong focus on creating core leadership skills contributing effectively to the entire life eco-system.

Programme Common Courses

The program’s common course is curated to ensure a common graduate profile across all departments of UID. These courses are essential for the academic and professional grooming of a student into a design professional.

Culture and Environment

This course is geared to introduce the students to the Art Movements through history and understand their impact on cultural practices. It also aims to create insight into design and art history concerning contemporary times, traditional practices, and cultural identity.

Fundamentals of Design

This course is geared to initiate students into the world of design, classification, and interpretation of the application of elements and principles of design.

Digital Visualization

This course acts as an introduction to digital tools in fashion, with detailed learning of specific software with their integration and application. This course aims to enable the students to use the relevant software effectively and fluently.

Programme Core Courses

Programme core courses are fundamental to skill and concept building in disciplinary contexts. Each department has carefully curated these sections with a focus on technological and conceptual future industry directions.

Fashion & Contextual Perception

The course introduces the students to the history of fashion from early civilizations to modern and contemporary fashion, the constant influence of socio/political/economic and cultural factors on fashion, and the current influence of technology on fashion.

Textiles for Fashion

This course introduces students to understand and appreciate the properties of materials, and their impact on design. It also fosters an understanding of the properties of fibers, their manufacturing methods, and dyeing to design fabric suitable for a variety of applications.

Fashion Studio Basics

This course aims to identify various techniques of garment making and their suitability for different styles, fit, and fabric.

Elective I (any one)

Fashion Illustration Basics
The course offers a basic understanding of Fashion illustration including proportion with the garment and fabrics. It aims at developing the articulation of creative ideas on paper.
Personal Styling Basics
The course introduces the student to the understanding of the human body from a fashion and historical basis. The course will cover body types and a critical examination of personal styling techniques. The course aims to equip students with the tools to be successful personal stylists and interpreters of style.
Fashion Surface Basics
This course acts as an introduction to different surface development techniques in fashion and textile design, with hands-on learning of different surface embellishment techniques and their application in actual products.
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Semester – 2

Programme Common Course

Professional Development

This course will focus on planning for a successful transition from academic life into professional practice as a working designer. Invited speakers from professional design practice will play a key part in panel discussions in this class.

Programme Core Courses

Digital Tools for Fashion

This course acts as a continuation of digital tools in fashion, with detailed learning of specific software with their integration and application.

Fashion Studio Advanced

The course aims to gain an understanding of various classic garments in Western and Indian pret, develop conceptual clarity of the components, attachment, and assembly of garments, and an ability to understand the basic features of a garment and execute basic manipulations to achieve fit, form, and function.

Fashion Merchandising & Retail

This course is designed to introduce the functioning of the fashion industry from production to retailing. This module aims to introduce and enable an understanding of the functioning of the fashion industry: merchandising, buying, and retailing.

Design Project 1

This course is designed to understand the limitations and the essential feature of the project (Season, Categories, Target market, Consumer profile, and Fabrics.) and design as per the requirements to meet the deadline.

Elective 2 (any one)

Fashion Visualisation
The module is conducted through a combination of demonstrations, discussion, practical work, observational study, and sharing of best practices regarding the study of material studies, the nature of the fabric, and  Human Anatomy.
Fashion Surface Advanced
Appraise the surface development techniques. Understand the tools that help build a surface, both creative and technical. Analyze the heritage of Indian and Global textiles both Traditional and Contemporary as a learning resource.
Fashion Styling Fundamentals
The course aims to understand the role of a stylist and image designer, in styling for editorial, catalog, or film. It also helps to develop and refine the ability to visualize contents/themes effectively through various mediums for specific communication.
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Semester – 3

KU Core Courses

Research Methodology

The subject will build an ability to instigate novel ideas and in the process gain deeper insights into a subject in a systematized way.

Entrepreneurship Development

This course helps to understand the importance of opportunity recognition and internal and external analyses to the success of a business venture. To understand the importance of the marketing plan to obtaining, maintaining, and expanding an entrepreneur’s reach to its target market.

Programme Core Courses

Fashion Innovation & Sustainability

The course helps to integrate creative ideation and practical application of the product development skill with emphasis on innovative exploration.

Fashion Forecasting & Branding

To understand the macro trends and lifestyle changes with an ability to define the same within fashion forecasting.

Design Management & Entrepreneurship

The design management course provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage the design process within the fashion industry. Topics covered may include design strategy, project management, team building, and communication skills, all within the context of the fashion design process.

Portfolio Design

Portfolio design helps to highlight the competency and areas of special interest and skills, e.g. technical competence (knowledge of draping, pattern making, garment construction and finishing), innovative surface design techniques, organizational skills, hand-made and digital presentations.

Design Project 2

It helps to develop and enhance the competencies that align with the framework of the industry’s requirements. To understand the project demand and expectations, and implement the learning accordingly.

Elective 3 (any one)

Fashion Curation
To explore and develop understanding about the tools related to fashion curation.
Fashion Studio Couture
To gain systematic progression of assembling the components of a bespoke garment with appropriate finishing techniques.
Fashion & Crafts
This course designed to broaden their knowledge about ancient crafts and traditions of India and to understand the techniques, raw materials, design elements of Indian crafts.
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Semester – 4

Programme Common Course

Design Research

To disseminate the knowledge of research methodology as an integral part of the Fashion Industry. Comprehend the various aspects of research methodology and gain familiarity with research techniques.

Graduation Project

The graduation project aims to help students develop projects that demonstrate their intellectual, technical and creative abilities as emergent fashion designers.


The internship provides students with an opportunity to gain practical work experience in the fashion design industry. Students will work with industry professionals to develop their skills, gain valuable insights into the industry, and build their professional network. This course helps students prepare for a successful career in fashion design.
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