Mr. Gaurav Gore, Founder & CEO, I-Dentify Edutainment, Visited KU

Mr. Gaurav Gore, Founder & CEO, I-Dentify Edutainment, Pune visited Karnavati University for a life-transforming session on having a different perspective on certain useful principles of Management that can even be applied to our lives to make it more productive and organized.

From the basics of building the right kind of perception to fundamentals of logical and critical thinking to the famous 80:20 rule of success (Pareto Principal), each of the points he explained with enough examples and stories from his life experiences, giving a thorough insight into how one can maintain the right attitude even in diverse situations.

The young CEO with his enthusiastic demeanor and bold statements encouraged each and every student to take an oath that they will never fear to take initiatives. Because in order to be a successful individual, one needs to take initiatives, develop a sense of belonging and get the fundamentals right.

All these learning were imparted to the students through small yet interesting exercises and games, as Mr. Gore believes in providing hands-on experiences rather than spreading bookish knowledge.

Mr. Gore also discussed the value of time & money, the difference between having a secure job and having freedom, interpersonal skills demonstration, and the assets and liabilities of mind.

The discussion culminated in an interactive question-answer session towards the end wherein the students posed some really interesting questions which added even more value to the event. The session imbued the students of the Karnavati University with new ideas, inspiration and valuable lessons for life.

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