Fashion Colloquia 2020 winners

We are happy to announce that Shaishavi Mehta, Arushi Gajjar, and Juzelle Rodrigues (Semester 6) from the School of Fashion Design, UID have won third prize in the Fashion Design competition at Fashion colloquia 2020, Jaipur. Fashion Colloquia 2020 is an International Research Colloquium on ‘Responsible Future’.

The garment that they designed was named ‘Vikara’ and is inspired by Hindu myth of Apasmara, a demon that represents ignorance and got crushed by Lord Shiva under his foot in form of Natraja. Vikara stands for transformation, which is what they tried to achieve through the garment and is exactly what the fashion industry needs right now.

Heartiest congratulations to all the participants and the faculty who guided them to achieve this milestone.

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