Pursuing a Course in Graphic and Communication Design can Help You Kick-Start Your Career in Content Marketing

Content marketing is a broad term that encompasses social media marketing, SEO and advertising. If you want to become a content marketer, you cannot ignore the importance of graphic design and visual communication. Visual content is an integral component of content marketing. Without visual content, today’s businesses will miss out on opportunities to reach out to a wider audience. Almost all social media platforms are highly visual. Hence the demand for content marketers is high. If you want to kick-start your career in content marketing, here are a few important things you should know about:

Design can convey a message better than words: It would not be wrong to say that all-text-without-visuals is now a thing of the past in today’s digital era. More and more businesses are opting for pre-produced promotional videos, illustrations, photos, GIFs, even memes to communicate about their products or services. Content marketers integrate visuals into their content marketing strategies.

Blog posts read well with visuals: Content marketers make it a point that not just their blog posts read well but also look good. Blog posts with images and infographics are easier to read and are more likely to be shared. Infographics make the content easily digestible and skimmable. High-quality visual content can do great things for the blog posts’ performance. As a student of graphic and communication design, you will learn how to create the right kind of visual content and avoid boring images that do not speak to the audience.

Presentation: Most of the people are visual learners and most of the information they retain is visual. Content marketers use presentations with visual aids are more persuasive than just merely reading long blocks of text. A very important part of content marketing career is pitching marketing ideas to clients. Visual content helps content marketers highlight important information and put their points across in a compelling way. Using visual content keeps the audience engaged and not lose focus.

Advertisement: You must have come across social network feeds filled with posts from the various brands you follow. With so many promotional posts, it is difficult for brands to stand out. It is here visual content plays a very important role. According to a Facebook study, photo-only ads outperformed other ad formats in driving traffic. Content marketers along with the design team play around with different visual content ideas and create ads that suit their brand requirements.

To learn how to lead innovative and visually exciting digital media projects, pursue our B.Design Visual Communication (Graphics) programme. The course is designed to help students to leverage the power of visual storytelling and lead compelling and yet creative marketing campaigns in future. As a student of our university, you will get hands-on training in our studios that are equipped with state-of-the-art digital technologies.

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