Coventry University Global Design Challenge winners

Coventry University Global Design Challenge, organised by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities focused on submissions which directly affect the UN Sustainable Development Goals, 2030.

UID, Karnavati University is delighted and proud to announce that out of the 5 positions, 3 of its students won 2nd, 3rd and 5th Positions in this Challenge.

The 2nd position was grabbed by Prayas Nanda Goswami F3 [Mentor: Prem Gunjan, Vipul Prajapati] who designed a 4 room house structure with a concept of shared living to connect people living in the slums.

The 3rd position was taken by Drushti Gothi F11 [Mentor: Kumud Kedia, Shatabhisha Ray] who designed sustainable pencils. An eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to the smallest problem of wooden pencil shavings! A small shift to these pencils can surely create an impact on the

The 5th position was taken by Vihaan Shinde F10 [Mentor: Samarth Reddy, Vartika Garg]. Based on the sustainable development goal no. 11 of sustainable cities and communities, he took water wastage as the problem. He developed a system and a product to conserve the water used in car washes and then purify it so that it can be reused even for drinking. The water purification efficiency of my product is 90%-92%, which saves 10800lt-14400lt of water every day.

Congratulations to the winners. This is just the beginning of your bright and ambitious design journey.



2nd Position-Prayas Nanda Goswami
3rd Position-Drushti Gothi
5th Position-Vihaan Shinde

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