POLI. DESIGN Team of Politecnico Di Milano, Italy Visit to Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

On 11th November, 2022, 3 Esteemed faculty members from POLI. DESIGN Team of Politecnico Di Milano, Italy came for a scheduled 3-day visit to UID. The Creativity Maestros were welcomed and encouraged to redefine Contemporary Design and Culture. The main areas of interest and research of the visiting faculty include:

1. Prof. Alessandro Biamonti (proactive in the role of Design as a change activator and enabling
new intercultural practices)
2. Prof. Lorenzo Morganti (specialist in interior design: retail and exhibition design)
3. Prof. Lorenzo Fossi (specialist in Interior design for therapeutic habitat and social engagement)

POLI. DESIGN’s Core belief is that we can “breathe the future and work hard to transform it into a project: design that generates value”. This belief is in complete sync with UID’s Ideology.

During their campus tour of UID, they explored and engaged in various activities in different sections. They were enthralled by student work displayed in the Automobile, Interior Design, Lifestyle, and Accessories Design, Product Design, Fashion Design and others. They were impressed by the ongoing work in the Knitting and Sewing labs and the traditional Embroidery work left them completely surprised with intricate detailing by hand. A special mention must be made about the CRAFTS INNOVATION Center where the faculty got completely engaged and participated in activities themselves such as Block Printing.

Meetings with Heads of Departments and various faculty members in UID led to an exchange of ideas in terms of disciplines taught in both regions and also to identify the areas of collaboration.

Apart from the Academic Exchange, the visitors were also provided with a memorable Cultural Immersion Program.



Presenting the students pictures of Polimi Workshop 2022

at Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)


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