#10 Years Challenge Is Not Challenging Enough

2019’s first internet fad the #10yearchallenge is not actually challenging . And also like many internet fads, it mostly acts as an excuse to post a photo of oneself.
But for its inherent narcissism, and a litany of other slightly more bizarre reasons, people have attempted to make the argument that it is secretly evil.

News stories and reports are suggesting that there is a darker design to this initiative. An article by technology writer Kate O’Neill noted that data obtained in this way could be put to a variety of purposes, some benign such as targeted advertising, and some not so harmless.

‘Age progression could someday factor into insurance assessment and health care,’ O’Neill writes. ‘For example, if you seem to be ageing faster than your cohorts, perhaps you’re not a very good insurance risk. You may pay more or be denied coverage.’

While the perfectly photo shopped pictures of all the celebrities taking up the challenge will put immense pressure on the “common people” to look a certain way,  O’ Neill states that such challenges are also used by  law enforcement to track average citizens they deem suspicious, like protesters, for instance.

So if you think you look like a rebel or did 10 years ago, then refrain from taking up the challenge.

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