Dance of Democracy

From April 11 to May 19, 2019, India will celebrate the festival of Democracy. Being the largest democratic country in the world, voters from all across the country are proudly participating in this festival. The most joyful picture was captured from Kashmir where a voter was dancing (presumably) when he was in the queue. The strength of unity can be seen during this voting festival.

But it is not only this dance of democracy which attracted my attention this week. The British Court rejected the appeal of Vijay Mallya, a fugitive offender who escaped to the UK. The appeal was against extradition. If the extradition issue is cleared, India and UK will be setting an example of the strength of unity once again. No one can escape his duties, no one should be shunned of his right to plea against extradition and everyone is bound to obey the orders of the courts which are considered as custodians of social order. A free voting festival and a successful extradition case may go a long way to reestablish the faith of people on fair and natural justice…principles that the makers of modern Indian constitution had envisioned.

Jai Janatantra. Jai Bharata Bhagya Vidhata

-by Prof. Debarati Halder, UWSL

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