A New Way to Look at Indian Post Office

There are various investment options available in the Indian economy such as Bank, Commodity Investment, Stock Market, Post office and Real Estate. But people are not looking at Indian Post Office as an investment option with great admiration and think of it as the last option in case they have any surplus left with them. My advice to the young generation is to look at various investment options in the post office; historically their rate of return has beaten the inflation growth rate. For example, present inflation rate is approx 6.5% to 7%; we can look at some of the options at post office like Recurring Deposit (7.20%), Kisan Vikas Patra (7.60%), Post office Monthly Income Scheme (7.60%), Time deposit (7.70%), PPF (7.90%) and Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (8.40%) which give better rate of returns on your investment compared to national banks who offer approx 6 to 6.5 % interest on Fixed Deposits. It is important that the youth focus on other investment options like Indian Post Office while planning their savings.

Dharmendra Khairajani, Assistant Professor, USLM

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