A Walk to the nearby Mall

An impromptu plan of going out for a walk to the nearby mall came up. My friend and me were getting bored at home and so left for a walk.

Due to the rise in Covid cases in my area, we were living in a containment zone and were stuck at home from the past 21 days. Finally, yesterday evening I got some time from my hectic schedule, so I called up my friend and we left for a walk to the mall around 6:10 pm. It was the time when the offices end, and people return home. The traffic on the road was heavy but after walking for a few meters I felt everything fell quiet. I was not bothered by the moving traffic. It was all green around the place and we could hear the birds chirping on a nearby tree. While on the roads we realised that everyone’s life is back to normal except for a mask and people are less scared of Covid now than they were earlier. On the way, at a distance I saw a Covid camp where people were getting their tests done. I could see the stress and tension on their faces which screamed of the uncertainty that lay in future and asked what if my Covid test is positive? That’s one thought troubling each one of us.

On my way to the mall, I met a cute white Labrador that was out for a walk with his owner but was reluctant to walk as the owner tried to pull it.

Finally, we reached the mall. It felt refreshing. We sat there for a while and headed back. On our way back it was not that hot, but we were sweating profusely because of the walk as the mask and spectacles added to our tired faces. We bought some green fresh leafy vegetables and tomatoes on the way, said goodbye to each and came back home at 8.00 pm. An evening well spent!

Aarohi Joshi, B. Des. Lifestyle Accessory Design Sem. I, Foundation Design, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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