Adapting like an Ace Lizard

Have you ever observed how lizards have adapted to our ever-changing environment? They have been here since centuries in various forms and a variety of adaptive genes. They manage to survive- something that all humans need to imbibe and be inspired from, specially the newly-placed students who find it difficult to match their expectations and reality of a perfect workplace environment.

A lizard dwells on trees in forests, slithers its way on branches. The ones living in deserts have tiny spiky scales that help that run around easily in sand. And the very famous chameleon can change the colour to defend itself. Some of the lizards are friendly like the iguana and you can keep them as pets, some are 10 feet long monsters and you would want to stay away from them even in your dreams.

Lizards are one of the those few species which haven’t gone extinct even with the changing climate, soil, moisture, air and other changing conditions over the last few centuries. They just live and adapt like a boss. This is what you should learn too…stay there, and adapt like you own the place

Kunj Ganatra, Faculty, Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

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