Are we trying enough?

Try, well it means to give a shot!
Try, you will succeed, well that’s what Jimmy Cliff thought!
Try, it should bring a fire in your wings.
Try, it doesn’t take away anything.

Effort is all it takes to attempt a little step,
Fear is what you defeat by small preps;
Hope can lead you to countless aims,
Faith can make do with unnecessary claims.

Are we trying enough to challenge our souls?
Are we giving enough to the mind to explore?
Are we putting enough efforts to reach intangible heights?
Are we attempting till the last breath might?

It may not be enough to just stand and make a thought;
It will surely be enough to move forward and solve a knot.
It may not be enough to hold back on things;
It will surely be enough to keep doing flings
It may not be enough to just wait and watch.
Endeavour the soul to lighten up the torch.

Kriti Malkani, Assistant Professor, School of Interior Design, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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