Art & Artist

What is it that the artists do? They create art? Or is it the art that creates an artist? What came first Art or Artist?

Art was already in the world and we as human beings arrived and just discovered it. People who can see this art in nature and produce their own imagination of art are called artists. How then all human beings are not artists? The fact that we know is that we all produce music, performance, themes, paint pictures and create certain ideas in our minds and we are able to do so because we get these ideas from the nature. We can’t think of something that we have not seen. It becomes difficult to think of nothing. For instance, we cannot sing or paint nothing.

The artist who get famous through their art work are able to bring out ideas that we can relate to in our day to day lives or in history as well as in the future. Such art works bring a feeling of awe and therefore become popular. These art works become the canon and other people start aping these works thereby killing their own individual creativity, rejecting their ideas and working on the principles set by the popular art works in their field of work. Many face the danger of not toeing the line. True art is what one creates without fearing a rejection. Art is something personal. It can be a child’s crayon work on the house walls or Monet’s painting or Celine Dion’s song. Art cannot be created out of fear. We all are artists and we all produce art works, the only difference being is that some follow the principles set by the canon and some become canon.

Dr. Udayprakash Sharma, Assistant Professor, Unitedworld School of Liberal Arts & Mass Communication (USLM)

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