As Real as Reality

Reality, what is it? The one that you live in, the one that you think it is or the one that it really is. Me for me is different, my family has 6 different me-s, my friends have around 20 different me-s and my classmates have 93 different me-s, each and every person has a different image of who I am. So who am I? Have you ever asked yourself? I’m convinced we live in a simulation, a simulation where everything is real but there’s no going out no matter how far we go. Just like the Matrix as u can say, do you ever feel like you don’t belong here, the sense of not belonging though you have everything right in front of you, everything that you need. Your death is a night’s sleep and your mornings are a new birth (And I’m not talking about this single life).

We have been reincarnated many million times in the same simulation with different outcomes, different genders and state of mind and have died with nothing. Day by day it feels lonely, it’s like nothing is real, people escape the reality by getting indulged into sex, drugs and so called “LIFE” but it’s never ending, it’s a hell loop of births and births and births which never ends so how do we get out? One is, extremely good deeds which no one has, second is going in, going inside to come outside see we are spiritual beings trapped inside the human body with an intelligent consciousness. The answer to everything is inside where you can’t feel your body. Where your breath is not heavy. Where you are awake but also at sleep; where your heart is calm, only there and there only, you will find the gate to get out.

Dhruv Rathod, B. Des. Sem. III, Product Design, School of Industrial Design, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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