COVID-19 and Bio-terrorism

The lack of preparedness globally to firefight Covid-19 showcases the possibility of non-state actors to perpetrate a bioterror attack anytime in future. Although there are many conspiracy theory alleging how china has led to the present upheaval. Nevertheless, it unfolds the possibility of major bioterrorism through weaponing against the wide world. It’s also said that some actors might take advantage of the current global crisis and promote further division resulting in the escalation of violence and potential “devastating miscalculations” in regions already ravaged by conflicts. This will erode the trust of public in their state actors and public functionaries. New age weapons could be viruses enabled to strike at the root of any economy. However, bioweapons and genetically engineered viruses are not equivalent, as the latter are used in peaceful applications in order to understand potential threats in the environment.

Arunima Shastri, Assistant Professor, Unitedworld School of Law (UWSL)

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