COVID-19 and Police in India

Police organisation is one of the important institutions in any country to establish and maintain a peaceful environment. In India, Police is sometimes forced to carry out their duties with insufficient facilities. Although, many a time it is criticised for its unruly workstyle, in this pandemic of COVID-19 — which has trapped the whole world, the Indian Police is working tirelessly on each front so that internal peace could be maintained. Many a time, gatherings of migrants in different parts of our country, especially in Mumbai and Delhi, have created the problem of law and order but the police have shown utmost patience and pacified the anger of migrant workers against the government. Although the situation of COVID-19 panic erupted in every state, the Police is doing their duty very well with the given facilities under the given circumstances. It requires more essential equipment to control the order in our society.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Pandey, Associate Professor & Director CCJR, Unitedworld School of Law (UWSL)

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