Do you know your anger?

Anger as an emotion is known to each one of us. This emotion exists more in our everyday lexicon than other emotions. But Is the emotion truly understood or has anyone really decoded the message this emotion brings for our consciousness? During my work as a psychotherapist, I have observed people experiencing guilt for being angry or regretting their angry responses to others. But rarely they try to look at the anger as a powerful messenger emotion itself.

Anger is one of the most primary feelings a human being can experience, yet it is barely understood for the secrets it holds about our personalities. Not many people agree but anger is the protective cover of our fragile emotional self. Through this emotion, we send out a message that We are vulnerable, we are susceptible to emotional injuries. So, before we actually are hit by a challenge, this emotion acts as a shield around our persona. Next time, when you judge yourself for being angry, try to listen to your deeper voice and be empathetic towards your own susceptibility. Remember, your anger is trying to save you, use it wisely.

P.S: The reference here is strictly to anger as an emotion and not sensations like irritability or frustration

Purnima Gupta, Assistant Professor – Psychology, Unitedworld School of Liberal Arts and Mass Communication (USLM)

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