Education + Entertainment = Edutainment

Title may be surprising to many of you; both education and entertainment are considered inverse to each other. General perception is that one can focus either on education or on entertainment, not both. Parents want their child to focus on education and stay away from entertainment. They prepare their plan to allocate more time towards education and less towards entertainment. On the other hand, children want more time for entertainment and relatively less for education. There is always constant fight among parents and children when comes to allocation of time between education and entertainment. Entertainment is considered to be distraction in the process of education. How about an idea of combining education with entertainment? The process of combining education and entertainment is called edutainment. This approach will make study more interesting and the question of balancing diverse goal of education and entertainment will be answered. Edutainment is learning with fun. Activity based learning will make education more meaningful and interesting to students. It will make education more application oriented, where students will learn theories based on exercises and activities. In order to combine education and entertainment, teachers have to work as moderator, use creativity and design innovative methods of teaching. Such approach, if applied, will make education meaningful in real sense.

Dr. Kishor Bhanushali, Director – Academics, Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

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