Education Industry 2.0

Post-COVID 19 pandemic, India is going to witness a new transformed face of the Education industry. Every sector in education is undergoing a sea change – be it kindergarten, primary education, secondary education or higher education. Higher education has changed with the changing times; however, everyone will witness the transition from regular training to technology-based learning. Technology in education is going to become an integral part of everybody’s day to day life. The addition of new jargon due to the advent of technology-based learning will become an essential part of our society.

Every possible aspect of education, such as entrance exams, personal interview, admission procedure, examination, evaluation, assignment submission, and so forth, will become a part of regular parlance. Several IIMs, including Lucknow, Indore, Calcutta, Kozhikode, Sambalpur, and Jammu, partly opted for the online digital route to select the candidates for the new year admissions. In the coming time, the companies will prefer the recruitment and selection through an online medium because visiting college campus consumes a lot of time for an employer. Earlier, Skype, Zoom, Webex were considered only when geographically the location was challenging. However, the companies within the same city and state will now opt for online tools. A new term LMS Learning Management System, has become the terminology for the modern age educational institutions. LMS includes end to end integration of online learning. The role of the teacher will get integrated into that of a facilitator. Online learning infrastructure will become an essential norm before taking admissions. A lot of executives will be able to complete their higher education because online education will be a lot more tailored, affordable, credible, and less time-consuming.

Vikrant Jain, Assistant Professor, Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

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