Enjoying the Quiet and many cups of Masala Chai!

When I look outside the window of my flat, I can see the deserted highway. The view appears as if from a sci-fi movie. The highway appears to be a skating rink made for a giant monster to skate and play. It is so quiet that I am irritated by the clicking sound made by the second hand of the wall clock. I have removed the cell from the clock and sitting in the balcony of my flat, gazing at the birds and trees while smoking and having unending supply of masala chais. I am enjoying this quiet. This is a much favourable time to think and philosophize on important philosophical arguments and long ignored questions about life.

Less human interaction and more of introspection is the theme of most of these quiet days for me. I partially feel that the present situation should improve and life should get back to normal chaos but deep down inside, I love it. I pray for those who are in trouble in this hard time and wish them a speedy recovery.

The weather is hot but bearable. Siestas are keeping me alive to read in the night. I could attend to small pending works at home like repairing the door knobs, floor lamp shade, ink pens etc. I am now fully devoted to caring for the potted plants bought by my dear wife to accompany and mediate between us when we conflict (pun not intended). I would prescribe to keep some plants in the balcony. They provide a small feeling of content and peace. I tend to a sick “Touch Me Not” plant which has been affected by some virus in its world. Today is a beautiful day!

Dr. Udayprakash Sharma, Assistant Professor, Unitedworld School of Liberal Arts and Mass Communication (USLM)

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