Ethics and Values of Designers

Design has become the foundation of almost every business. In recent years we have been working more and more on the strategic role of design and its power to transform and impact quality of life and lesser on the key differentiating characteristic of design which is creation.

Looking at the future it’s important for designers to bring the theoretical aspect of design into execution. The more, the design profession gets accepted, there is an increase in the need to develop imagination and speed along with the ability to carry out deep design research. This helps to grow insights to create such products and services emotionally as well as satisfying culturally.

There is a need to focus not only on vision but also on execution and most significantly on teamwork in the days ahead. Ethics and values have become critical dimensions that will define the character and impact of designers. Professional designers who lack these critical dimensions are likely to be left far behind.

Paresh Chatterjee, Foundation Mentor & HoD – Textile & Knit Design, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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