After we get through this corona pandemic, I am predicting an immediate new global threat that is a ‘Baby Boom’.

I think this should be considered seriously. As we have already faced the same in India post-1947 and again globally during the ‘70s with a sudden population boom- so now we are almost 7 billion. And we have almost consumed all of the habitat and natural resources resulting in global warming, lack of occupation in abundance and ample of time in the lap of two most dangerous genders of the most notorious species on earth i.e. us – the homo sapiens.

Being kept in the same vicinity literally as captives for hours and days and weeks and now months. I see this as alarmingly serious and the probability of this becoming a real global threat and shock as soon as we heal off post corona.

A sudden influx of pregnant women rushing to maternity wards, with majority hospitals and staff still recovering from post-Covid-19, would be overwhelming. I would call this as GPH-20/21 for (Global Pregnancy Hurricane-20/21).

Manu Joshi, Associate Professor, Lifestyle Accessory Design, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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