Harassment and Humiliation of Women

Humiliation, harassment, torture and exploitation of women is as old as is the history of family life. In India, women are way ahead of women elsewhere in the matter of social legislation but the implementation of laws granting rights to women has been so slow, lopsided and haphazard that socially, economically and politically women lag far behind men. They are discriminated against at work and are denied their due in every field. At home, they are often worse off and maltreated in several ways. Constantly derided, frequently bullied, sometimes assaulted and occasionally burnt to death, they remain victims in every role. The attitude of indifference and negligence is primarily the result of general acceptance of man’s superiority over women because of which violent acts against women have not been viewed as violent acts. It is also the result of denial of violence by women themselves due to their religious values and social attitudes. It is only recently that the issue of crime against women has been transformed from a private issue into a public problem.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Pandey, Associate Professor & Director CCJR, Unitedworld School of Law (UWSL)

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