Highest Rate of Bribery in Asia: Corruption Is Way of Life for Accessing Public Services

India is considered as the land of most ethical people, most honest and hardworking. But the data released by Transparency International, as part of “Global Corruption Barometer – Asia” tells a different story. According to a survey conducted by Transparency International across Asia among 20000 people in 17 countries, India emerged as the most corrupt country in the entire Asian region. India has the highest bribery rate. Indian used personal links to access public services like education and health. Survey reported the highest bribery rate of 39 percent and use of personal contacts rate of 46 percent. It is important to note that nearly half of Indian reporting involved in bribery has reported that they were asked to pay the bribe. 32 percent of people who wanted to access public services and used personal contacts are of the opinion that services could not have been used without personal contacts. These reflect on the present situation of public services where you need to pay money or use your personal contact to use public services. Individuals without money to pay bribes and without personal contacts will find it difficult to use public services. Paying bribe and using personal contact to access public services, which otherwise should be made available to all without discrimination, is an outcome of the fact that access to public services involve complicated, long and bureaucratic process and regulatory process is not clearly defined which force the Individual to try alternative solutions like use of contacts and paying bribe. To an ordinary individual, paying some extra and using personal contact has become a way of life. People are ready to receive and pay that extra as if the amount is paid to the waiter as tip after taking lunch/dinner at the restaurant, with the difference that tip is paid in advance so that food is served and served in time. We are paying for something which is our right and someone is charging money for something that is their responsibility. This is a big question mark on India’s fight towards a corruption free nation.

Dr. Kishor Bhanushali, Director – Academic Administration, Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

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