Letter to my Future Self.

Dear Me,

I am writing this letter to you, because I have certain questions- questions that cannot be answered by me or anyone around me at this point, questions about how I feel and what I do while reacting to certain situations, questions of self-doubt and lack of self-awareness.

There are moments in my life, where I come across blocked roads, having no idea how to move forward. Though I am an independent, strong and confident girl on the outside, I still have flaws and those tiny breakdowns occurring inside me. I so badly want to express my inner self to the outside world, but stop that thought right there because I don’t want to be seen as a weakling. In arguments with family members that take an emotional turn, I often cry, only to be called too emotionally affected by small things. Does being emotional, showcase your personality as being weak? Does it show that I am only faking to be the confident girl that I am?

How do you walk in a room full of people talking to them freely as if they had no mind of their own to judge? For me, being social comes with its own pros and cons. Pros – I like how I am being treated sometimes, being appreciated for things I do, and sharing thoughts with friends and colleagues. But cons? Will I be judged every single time I make a mistake? Will people take advantage of me for being an extrovert and trusting them with decisions?

I need to have a balanced life where I be emotionally stable but also socially effective. I need to make my mark. I need to stand for who I am. Will I be something that I want to be?

Yours truly,
Anushka Mehta

Anushka Mehta, B. Des. Visual Communication Sem. I, Foundation Design, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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