Managing Creativity: Role Mix ups and their Consequence

Managing creativity is the biggest challenge for organizations. Every organization has a talented workforce and if this talent is managed well, it can reap a lot success for the organization. An idea flows from the bottom of the organization and reaches to the customer in the form of products or services if orchestrated well by the managers and leaders of the organization. It is like a half baked cake which has been taken out of the oven prematurely and collapses into a lump of batter, destroying the morale of the baker. In the same way, in an organization, if an idea generated by someone is misunderstood or placed into the wrong hands, it can have disastrous results. The leaders of the organization need to take the responsibility of managing the organization’s talent effectively if the organization is to do well and function effectively. The different roles that employees perform in an organization- right from being idea generators to idea champions and idea orchestrators- need to be handled carefully. It is often observed that in an organization which lacks a strong organizational culture, people tend to step on each other’s toes and the whole essence of the idea is lost in the process. Organizations fail to take advantage of a turning point idea when the person who has least knowledge about the idea becomes the anchor in taking the idea forward instead of the original generator of that idea. To sum up, organizations need to create systems which enable their talent to be managed effectively so that they can reap the benefits and put a full stop to missing out on great opportunities.

Bhupinder Arora, Assistant Professor, Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

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