My Walk

My Friend’s Place:

Since both of us belong to families of armed forces, we have the privilege of living in a beautiful Cantonment where the streets don’t specifically have a name and the surroundings are more than clean. To be honest, very well maintained. On my way to the Karan Path, I pass through a park named ‘Kilkari’ to the left and a basketball court and a shopping complex to my right along with the canteen. After walking for about 7-8 meters, I take a sharp left turn for my friend’s house. Another left turn takes me to the garden in front of my friend’s house and finally the front door appears right in front of me.

My Thoughts & Feelings:

As soon as I step out of my house, I feel a calm breeze brush through my face and motivate me to give up that laziness and meet my best friend. I am thrilled although it is just a regular day. As I descend the stairs, I feel a gush of blood as my mind prepares for the day ahead. As I wave my dog goodbye and looked forward to the match that we would play, I am accompanied by 2 more friends. What a pleasant surprise! We discuss about possible teams for today’s match. On the way we observe that the park to the left is filled with children while the one on the right is a little crowded because of a utility store. I am more than pumped up by then to meet my bestie and leave for the basketball court. As we ascend forward, I recognize more friends, some cycling, some leaving for their scheduled badminton class and I just cannot help thinking how grateful I am to be a part of all this fun and excitement. Then, as I take the second last left turn, the sweet aroma coming from my bestie’s garden is pure bliss. And as I soak in it, I watch him wave from his garden swing. We chat and soak in the warm sun in his garden while he gets dressed up in suitable attire for the match. We are offered a glass of water by his mother, which is all I could ask for at that moment. Four of us, ready and prepared, leave for the basketball court while talking about our day accompanied by excitement that fills our hearts for today’s match.

Ragini M., B. Des. Industrial Design Sem. I Foundation Dept., Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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