Online Exams (MCQs – Need of the Hour)

As we are going through a rough time and everyone is taking the help the technology to keep the life aligned. In this context, students’ education could have been also, got the impact but thanks to all educators for the efforts they put in to make the online classes almost the same as the offline classes. Now, the question arises about the examination. A lot of questions need to be answered out of which most important what I feel is the pattern & format of the paper. It has always been in the discussion whether the open book exam system is good and can be adapted but in the current scenario, a fight is with the subjective or objective question paper pattern. When we have an online education system in place & if we want to check the knowledge of the students, we should check the core of the concepts which can be done with the objective-type questions, where students need to solve it in the allotted time. To make it more competitive, we can have the negative marking for the wrong answer and the result can be declared basis on the percentile instead of marks secured. In multiple-choice questions, though the answer is in front of the students but still odd in favour of the students is 20%. Having five options in the answer makes it really tough for the candidate and only those can solve it who have got the in-depth knowledge of the subject which is the need of the hour. So, I think the multiple choice questions (MCQ) pattern is a better option to check the knowledge of the students.

Vikas Sharma, Assistant Professor, Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

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