Play of Material

Sabarmati River discerns Ahmedabad city into two parts-the western zone and eastern zone. Eastern Ahmedabad   has a walled city personified with vernacular living. The walled city is declared as the 1st ‘Heritage city’ of India.  Momentary look at the other side of the city, the western part of the City, evenly has a rich profile of buildings

After Independence, the west Ahmedabad was personified for many Institutional buildings which portray the works of Great Masters. The building language and the spaces within had an experience identified by use of different palate of material giving a striking character to the building. Indian Institute of Management, by Louis Kahn played with EXPOSED BRICK only, Ahmedabad Textile Mill owner’s Association Building by Le Corbusier had been personified by CONCRETE only. Sangath with its vaults and amdavad-ni-gufa by architect Balkrishna Doshi had a play of CHINA MOSAIC. Gandhi ashram is a combination of pure material as BRICK & CONCRETE by Charles Correa. The character of each building was amplified by the use of material. The material had its own color identity –Brick-to Red, Concrete-to Grey, China Mosaic-to-white. Color, material combines together and this identifies the works of Great Masters and how importance of just a single material was use to its fullest becoming the IMAGE MAKER of the western part of the city.

Photo credit-
1. & 2. Prof. Kishori Dalwadi

Kishori Dalwadi, Assistant Director – School of Interior Design and Associate Professor, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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