R & R: Activities and Learning

Activity based Learning: There are several concepts that activity based and can be understood better while practicing. For instance, managing money and understanding its value. A task can be given to the students where they are given limited resources and money and then they are asked to manage in the best possible manner. This teacher them the famous Darwinian theory i.e. Survivor of the fittest. Similarly, the concept of ‘Sharing is Caring can be taught by similar activities.

Rewards and Recognition: Rand R is considered to be an integral part of employees’ life in an organization. It helps to motivate the employees. There is a famous adage that Justice delayed is justice denied. Similarly, recognition delayed is recognition denied. Rewarding the innovation and motivating other students to come with innovative ideas will help the country to progress and promote Science and Technology. Usually someone who scores the first rank in the class is recognised or someone who has performed exceptionally well in Sports gets recognised, however there is no motivation for creativity. An average student might come up with astonishing ideas. The current education system gives the least recognition to the student’s efforts.

Vikrant Jain, Assistant Professor, Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

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