Technology: Connecting or Disconnecting People

I still remember the day when our teacher was talking about technology and how it will change our lives. When she said, “Soon we will be able to see the people whom we are talking to -over the phone.” The entire class was looking at her in wonder and disbelief, discussing how is it possible? And today even a kindergarten child knows how to make a video call. This journey from wondering about a video call to an era where we believe that “nothing is impossible” was covered in a very short span of time.

Being a digital immigrant, many a times I wonder has this technology really brought us close to the world or it is only virtual connection. And if it is real, is it worthy to be connected to the world at the cost of being absolutely unaware about your neighbourhood, family, and friends and sometimes may be our own self.

No doubt technology has gifted us the speed with accuracy bundled with the tension and discontent. This speed is making us impatient. We panic when our laptops or phone hangs up for few seconds. Today’s generation is more aware, probably therefore more discontent. The numbers of outings with family and friends have increased undoubtedly but the question is: are we really enjoying with our family and friends when we carry our work along with us on our holidays with an excuse ‘its urgent ‘. Children now a days rather than living for the moment are busy taking selfies and creating memories and later checking the likes and comments on it. Where is the holiday? Where are family and friends?

Aren’t we isolating ourselves and enjoying our loneliness in our virtual world…only to realise later that, we have been all alone throughout our life with thousands of connections on LinkedIn and Facebook and huge followers on various social media? ‘The Economic Times ‘dated 24th December 2019, carried an article titled “ Mental disorder cases doubled in less than 3 decades, anxiety and depression most common condition” The report says In 2017, 197 million Indians , that is 14.3 percent of the total population were suffering from mental disorders, of whom 46 million had depression and 45 million anxiety disorders. Where are we heading?

I am not against technology but do believe that it requires good consideration as to how it is being used. Besides learning about new technology and adapting to it, I think we should also learn to prevent ourselves from it; taking control of us. We should not only learn how to use it but also know how to prevent ourselves from becoming enslaved to it

Dr. Kavita Joshi, Assistant Professor, Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

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