The Optimistic

Once King Akbar wanted to test Birbal’s wit so he summoned Birbal in the ministry in front of everyone and said, “Birbal, I saw a dream last night. I saw that we were both taking a walk in the garden and I fell in a puddle of water. Instead of helping me up, you started laughing at me! I am so annoyed with my dream and your reactions in it”

To this, Birbal replied, “Your Highness, it is such a co-incidence that I had the same dream last night… Sorry for being rude but why didn’t you let the dream complete?”

Akbar was surprised and asked Birbal to narrate what he saw in his version of the same dream.

Birbal then narrated, “Your highness, I saw that we went for a walk in your lavish gardens when a bird pooped on my shoulder and you laughed at me, I didn’t say a word and let myself be a part of your amusement. Next, I saw that in the dream that I slipped on some muddy grass and fell down. All my clothes were dirty while you stood aside and laughed at me harder saying, “Birbal, today is your unlucky day.”. I said I was more than happy to be the reason for your laughter and amusement, plus these are things that happen by chance. It can happen to anyone; to which you replied that the Kings never have a bad day and that you don’t believe in such things. You said that if you get drenched in water by chance even I have the rights to laugh back at you and make it even between you and me. Moments later you fell in the water by the pond, Your Highness, and I just followed your instructions.”

The King was so amused by Birbal’s answer and couldn’t help laughing. The other ministers also joined in the laughter and the King’s favorite minister once again proved that one has to be optimistic in life, panic can make things worse. Optimism can help you think of solutions to all things in life.

How about we also look at the pandemic from a similar point of view? Look at things further from today onwards just like Birbal does – Be Optimistic!

Kunj Ganatra, Faculty, Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

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