The Process of Elimination

Today, when I woke up, I eliminated the thought that I am inferior and I have no confidence. I eliminated this thought so that I can eliminate the consequences of being inferior and have no confidence.

When we think about eliminating a thought, habit or behavior, we often first see the path which is never right. It could be in the form of laziness, unwilling to do so, and not understanding the seriousness of the matter. The second path leads us to tough testing times, where our patience could be tested. But the second path will always have a result.

I was weak and very late in knowing that it really does not matter if you are lesser than someone in whatever your trying to compare yourself with, there will always be some traits in your personality that make you different from someone, something rare in your skills which no one will have, and thoughts out of the box which no one else will possess.

After all this if we start feeling amazingly nice in life and we start to think “no one is better than me and I am the best” , let’s again remember the process of eliminating a thought and looking at both extreme ends to choose a path which will nurture the betterment in life.

Ashmi Madia, B.Des. Lifestyle Accessory Design, Sem. III, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

Disclaimer: The opinions / views expressed in this article are solely of the author in his / her individual capacity. They do not purport to reflect the opinions and/or views of the College and/or University or its members.

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