The Role of Police to control crime : Need of Reform

Police have various types of functions in the criminal justice system. However, the core mission of Police is to prevent crime. It is an important institution of the administration of criminal justice system in any country. As far as India is concerned, the institution of police has been found since ancient time generally and during the Mogul period especially. But in 1858 British Government established the Police in more organised manner. To prevent and reduce crime the British rulers sometimes enacted some codes like Indian Penal Code in 1860, the Criminal Procedure Code in 1861 and the Police Code in 1861. Around 150 years have elapsed but still Indian police organization follows these Codes with relevant amendments. Despite several reforms in Police, the situation of the Police is meagre. Therefore, instant Police reform is due. Proper training of Police to curb the Cyber crime, Organised Crime and other crimes is sine qua non. The issues relating to their salary, travel allowances, maintenance of uniform, vehicle etc. should be considered with human touch and important role in the society. These concerns compel many a police personnel to involve in corrupt practices that ultimately weaken the crime control capacity of Police. Besides this, people should change their negative perception and cooperate with them so that they could perform their duty with utmost zeal to combat the crimes.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Pandey, Associate Professor & Director, Centre for Criminal Justice and Reforms (CCJR), Unitedworld School of Law (UWSL)

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