Traditional Tide

Here is an antique piece of jewellery that was recently seen at the Jodhpur gems & jewels palace. This is a 120-130 years old pendant, which was worn by a princess in south India. This beautiful piece is made from tiger nails, a totem believed to protect the wearer from evil eye. Gems & jewels palace has added a very different touch to it by adding high-quality emeralds and rubies on the four strings and the central drop.

Picture credit- Gems & Jewels Palace, Jodhpur

Extraordinary Brilliance

Picture credit-Pinterest

This is a stunning image of Piaget cuff. Piaget’s ‘Sunlight escape’ feather cuff, 24.36-carat emerald cut tanzanite dazzles in the centre of this one-of-a-kind blue emotion studded with 600 diamonds. The most exotic part of this cuff is the striking geometric pattern created from feathers, by Nelly Saunier, an award-winning feather artist.

Wallace Cut


A technique invented by Wallace Chan is this ‘The Wallace Cut’- an illusionary three-dimensional carving technique, creating a history. He has his own patented Cut known as Wallace cut, which is an intricate way to carve inside the gemstone, reflected by stone presenting 3D holographic effect.

Kumud Kedia, Lecturer, LSA Department, Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

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