With no pressure on starting the day early and many of us sitting at home, it was a pleasure playing various board games till late evenings… until it became all monotonous and boring after a month. Many resorted to catching up on all kindle reading wish lists while many picked up on improving their cooking skills by sharing recipes and experimenting it at home. Amongst all these are certain number of people who got hooked to streaming devices and apps. They now have their share of ‘to watch’ and ‘try to avoid’ lists that they share on family and friends’ Whatsapp group with great pride.

I did learn that these streaming shows particularly in English not only gained popularity among households but also taught a lot of English to the ones that needed polishing. I loved watching Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Woman. It sets you in a mood to catch up on a lot of words and forgotten phrases. Many of Jane Austen’s novels have been adapted into motion films which have lovely dictation and that typically funny British sense of humor that only a Literature lover shall relish and remember. The streaming apps does help one polish on the accent and get familiar with usage of many wonderful phrases. Not to forget those ball dance scenes leave a tune in your mind thats hard not to hum for the rest of the week.

Kunj Ganatra, Assistant Professor, Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

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