You Have The Potential

There was a famous salon where people enjoy sitting and drinking.  Jack was one of the regular customers of it.  He was having a good time at the saloon. After having enough to drink he decided to take a short-cut to home. He had to walk through a cemetery. It was a dark night and he fell into a big hole, which the grave digger had dug for the next day’s funeral. Jack tried to climb out of the hole but it was too deep and he was not able to get out of it. He started shouting for help, but there was nobody nearby to hear him. Since he was very tired he decided to sleep at one corner of the hole.

A few hours passed by, and Sam, another customer of the salon was also taking a short-cut to home after a few drinks at the saloon. As Sam was walking in the dark he also fell into the same hole. Sam was afraid of the dark and tried desperately to climb out of the hole. He was not able to get out of the hole and started to shout for help. The hubbub woke Jack up, and Jack spoke in a slow deep voice, “Hey, my friend, you are not going to get out of here tonight”. In an instant Sam was out of the hole and ran home like he had just seen a ghost.

Learning: Sam indeed thought that he heard a ghost speaking to him, and at that instant, he jumped out of the hole. We all have deep reservoir of potential locked down within us. It is a matter of realizing and utilizing it for our benefit. Rather than waiting for it to awaken during a crisis, we have a choice to use it anytime we desire, like NOW!

Dr. Sunil Patel, Professor, Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB)

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